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Minimum size for 1st 3.8m x 3.8m. Minimum size for 2nd and 3rd 5.62m x 5.62m. Any extension may be customized as per client\\\'s requirements. Maximum of 3 Steel Double C Roo Double-sided, oven-baked, ribbed-type GI sheet with 20mm pu insulation or 50mm Styrofoam.


COLORED CORRUGATED ROOF PRICES (PHP) MATERIAL ORIGIN: THICKNESS: 0.35mm: 0.4mm: 0.5mm: 0.6mm: WIDTH: 4 fee 4 fee 4 fee 4 fee Standard Local: LENGTH PER FOO 60: 65: 80: 97: Standard Imported: 83: 102: 123: Standard Local: LENGTH PER METER:

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Oct 04, 2021  The usual lengths are 8-feet, 10-feet and 12-feet. However, these are “pre-cut” roofing materials and for large projects we do not recommend buying them. Instead we suggest contacting a roofing supplier to measure the exact length of the structure. This method results to roofing panels having a cut-to-size


METAL ROOFING. Metal roof is the most widely used roofing method in the Philippines. Why? It\'s cost effective; easy to install; reflects heat; easily dismantled and easily disposable/recyclable. You\'ll need three things to make a roof, and we sell all: Metal Roof (Cover), C-Purlins (Support), Angle bars (Structure) and Accessories (Ceiling

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Jan 15, 2021  January 15, 2021 by philconprices. Metal Roofing Prices. Corrugated Roofing, Gauge 26 (0.551 mm x 2.44mm) SQ M. 423.00. Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet GA 26, Long Span. SQ M. 466.00. Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet GA 26,

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May 20, 2012  Making roof rafters in our on-site welding shop. The center girt is 40cm wide and is welded up from 2″ x 2″ angle bar, 5mm for the frame and 3mm for the bing. The 35cm wide rafters use the same angle bar. Originally, the height of our roof from the top of the wall to the peak of the roof girt was to be 2.5

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APO Galfan is a 95% zinc-5% aluminum alloy coating applied on the base metal steel providing it with a superior corrosion resistance’ when compared to regular galvanized steel roofs. APO Galfan when roll formed has Superior Formability Durability because the micro structure layer of Galfan coating is extremely well suited to roll

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Aluminum roofing and siding sheets are rollformed from hard-ened, tempered metal for maximum strength. If a sheet must be bent, a gentle 90-degree bend is the maximum recommended. Metal should not be re-bent once it has been formed, nor should it be folded back on itself. When a metal roofing sheet must be installed on a curved

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For more than 25 years, Colorsteel has been providing quality and affordable roofing, decking, and cladding products. Recently, Colorsteel launched its newest tagline, \"Quality Standards ay Tama, Siguradong Walang Daya\". Its products and services adhere to Japanese Industrial Standards and Philippines National

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Feb 25, 2021  Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing. Orixon Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing in the Philippines are made of high-quality raw materials from Bayer Germany. They are naturally transparent, they transmit light almost like a glass. They exhibit High Impact Strength, Toughness, Long-term Weather Resistance, Heat and Flame Resistance as well as Excellent

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ROOFING WE SUPPLY AND INSTALL •INSULATED ROOFING Thickness of Insulation 2\"(50mm) 3\"(75mm) •SINGLE METAL ROOFING (RIB TYPE CORRUGATED) Skin Metal Roofing 0.40mm 0.50mm 0.60mm For inquiries and quotations do not hesitate to Call us : ALSO ACTIVE ON VIBER 😊; ; (02) 622-7377 Em.

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Previous Next Housing Market Elite products have been installed across the US and around the world. Our structures are adaptable to virtually any climate and are currently in use in places as diverse as the tropics of southern Africa and the steppes of Russia. We have sold our products throughout the world, including Africa, the

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Please let us know if we can help in any way 📞 944 or 📧 COLORBOND ROOFING CORRUGATED IRON SHEETS .42 BMT. $14.30 per lineal metre. ZINCALUME ROOFING CORRUGATED IRON SHEETS .42 BMT. $11.60 per lineal metre. .48 BMT COLORBOND ROOFING CORRUGATED IRON

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Puyat Steel Corporation’s Multi R-Span roofing profile received the Architects Choice Award in year 2021 because of its evenness of aesthetics and strength. Because of the quality and design, Multi R-Span roofing profile was chosen for Toyota Show Rooms. Multi R-Span is the newest and best looking rib type roofing profile in the country

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Puyat Steel Corporation. Address: 2/F Alegria Alta Bldg., 2294 Don Chino Roces Extn. Magallanes, Makati City 1231 (Beside Toyota Pasong Tamo) Puyat Steel Corporation is an institution in the roofing industry, having been around since 1956.They are the first company to set up a galvanizing plant in the

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Plastech Metal Roof Globe: 1278 / Sun: 1432 / 8 1930 Smar 1562 No: (02) 7267-5413 / (02) 7238-0893 (02) 7583-8469 : dtwelvesevenymail infoplastechmetalroof -German Technology manufactured in